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Tree Service Malibu, CA – Having trees on your property can be a huge benefit in many ways. Trees provide shade on hot summer days and beautify the home. Some trees even produce nuts or fruit. While there are many benefits to having trees on your property, the only negative aspect of trees is that they need periodic trimming.

At Environmental Tree Care, Inc., we pride ourselves on being a company that puts the needs of our customers at the top of our list. Whether you are in serious need of tree pruning due to tree limbs encroaching upon power lines or you have an aesthetic look in mind, Environmental Tree Care, Inc. can help. We will quickly and safely remove large limbs from your trees while taking great precautions against falling limbs damaging your property.

Trimming trees is no easy task and can even be dangerous to inexperienced or under-equipped individuals. Don’t bother risking your safety when you need tree trimming in the Malibu, CA, area, just give us a call.

Environmental Tree Care, Inc. is your best source in the Malibu, CA, area for periodic tree pruning and trimming. Depending on what kind of trees you have on your property, you may need a more or less frequent tree maintenance schedule. Call us at Environmental Tree Care, Inc. today, and one of our friendly representatives can assist you with a tree maintenance schedule that is right for your needs. We specialize in estate tree trimming and are happy to cater to a highly discerning clientele base. We appreciate the vast difference in the appearance of your estate that quality tree trimming and maintenance can provide. No job is too large or too small for Environmental Tree Care, Inc.
Tree care is crucial to keeping your trees looking their best, regardless of the type of trees. Due to the lovely Southern California weather, a wide array of trees have been planted all over the Calabasas, CA, area. Many varieties of trees require special upkeep and care to keep the root structure strong and disease-free. Periodic tree care is the key to keeping your trees looking their best.

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When it comes to tree trimming in the Malibu, CA, area, Environmental Tree Care Inc. is your best option. With a stringent adherence to quality of work and total customer satisfaction, Environmental Tree Care Inc. has what it takes to provide tree trimming services to some of the most discerning clientele in the world. For an honest estimate, call your Malibu tree service company today at (310) 456-5969!

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