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Tree Service Pacific Palisades, CA – Here in sunny Southern California, trees are a big commodity. Trees can beautify your property or estate and provide large amounts of shade from the blazing Southern California sun. While many trees are not native to this part of the country, trees of all varieties have been transplanted to California and seem to thrive here in our temperate climate.

The most important aspect of having trees on your property is keeping them properly maintained. Lack of tree maintenance can quickly make a beautiful row of trees look run down and abandoned, which can adversely impact the aesthetics of your estate or property. The best way to keep your property looking pleasant and beautiful in the Pacific Palisades, CA, area is to call Environmental Tree Care, Inc.

Estate Tree Service Pacific Palisades

Environmental Tree Care, Inc. is the premier Estate Tree Service in the Pacific Palisades, CA. We understand that some of our clients demand excellence and uncompromising quality of work, and we are more than happy to oblige. Regardless of whether you have a 20-acre estate or a single-family home, you want it to look its best, Environmental Tree Care, Inc. is there to help no matter the size of the property.

Environmental Tree Care, Inc. is your best source in the Pacific Palisades, CA, area for regularly scheduled tree pruning and trimming. Depending on the variety of trees on your estate, you may require a special tree care schedule. Environmental Tree Care Inc. has a friendly representative waiting to assist you with setting up a tree maintenance schedule that is right for the needs of your property. Our specialty is Estate Tree Trimming, but Environmental Tree Care, Inc. can handle any size tree trimming task. We appreciate the world of difference that quality Tree Trimming and maintenance can make to the appearance of your estate.

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Environmental Tree Care, Inc. employs only the most experienced and knowledgeable arborists. Tree trimming can be hazardous to people and can be the cause of extensive property damage. Don’t trust your property to any Tree Trimming service; call the professionals! Call your #1 Pacific Palisades tree service company today at (310) 456-5969!

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